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It is recommended you use an accumulator/buffer tank with thes boilers

 Wood gasification boilers are cleaner burning and operate at a higher efficiency than traditional wood boilers.   Gasification is a process where the wood gasses are burned in a secondary burn chamber at a very high temperature. This reduces the amount of ash, particulate matter, and carbon released as emissions. Gasification wood boilers typically operate at 85%+ efficiency typically burn 1/2 the amount of wood than a traditional wood boiler saving you time and money.

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Vigas 25 S
Atmos Wood Gasification Boilers From
Modern boilers for burning wood based on generator gasification using a special nozzle and an exhaust fan (S). Highest efficiency, low consumption, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation.
Other boilers available on request
We can offer great discounts on other makes of standard and gasification wood boilers, please contact us for a price.
Eko-Vimar Gasification Boilers from
Eko Vimar Gasification boiler range 18 - 80 kw, features include: Efficiency 91 %, up to 8 hours burn cycle, 40 - 100% modulation range, Small ash quantity, Electronic regulator with temperature sensor
Wood Boiler Health Check/Service - Price on application
We offer annual health check/service of your existing wood boiler systems. We can also drain down/clean and source & fit any spare parts required. Please contact us to discuss this service.
Vigas 40 S
Vigas 60 S
Vigas 80 S
Vigas 100 S
Vigas 16 LC Lambda Control
Vigas 25 LC Lambda Control
Vigas 40 LC Lambda Control
Vigas 60 LC Lambda Control
Vigas 80 LC Lambda Control
Vigas 100 LC Lambda Control
Found 15 products
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