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Accumulator storage tanks can fulfill the highest demands on heat storage, especially in areas where boilers are used whose optimum efficiency is achieved at full-load (e.g. lots of wood fuel boilers). During operation of the boiler, more heat is generated than the customer needs. This excess heat heats up the water of the tank and is stored. Later, if required, this heat can be called upon to heat your home even when the boiler is switched off.

By using additional pipe heat exchangers within the tank, more heat sources can be included i.e. Solar, and their energy can also be fed into the accumulator tank. Heat exchangers can also be fitted to the tank to extract heat from the tank to supply domestic hot water.

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3kw Immersion Heater
Screw-in immersion heater 3.0 kW 230/400 Volt, 400 mm Depth, 1 1/2
Accumulator tanks from
Accumulator tanks are suitable as loading tanks for solar systems, heat pumps, wood boilers, pellet boilers, with a choice of 1 or 2 heat exchangers
Hygienic storage tanks with 1 smooth pipe heat exchanger from
Accumulation tank with 1 heat exchanger and built-in corrugated stainless steel pipe that separates the drinking water from the heating water and acts as an instantaneous water heater.
500 ltr Hygienic storage tank
500 ltr hygienic storage tank
Found 4 products
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